University in your pocket

The purpose of the app is to help you make the most of your university experience, provide quickly-accessible information about your studies, and offer guidance for situations and issues that may come up during your university years.

What does the Studyversity app offer?

Studyversity is here to help, be it about your leisure activities or university studies. Stay up to date with news about your studies and opportunities both at the university and in the city.

Neptun integration

The App enables the display of your schedule, your courses and exams taken and their synchronisation into the calendar of your phone. Additionally, you can also monitor your omnibus account balance.

Student information

With just a few clicks you can check the information closely related to your studies: your programme data, the current academic calendar, contact information for the Registrar’s Office, scholarships and much more.

Mood reporting

If you feel like participating, you may describe how you feel each day. In exchange, you will be able to open a gift box containing some good music, a witty quotation or an entertaining video.

Social function

New to the university and you do not yet know anyone? Find peers to study, watch movies, walk the dog with or for any other activity that is better when done together.

What else does the app have to offer?

We have integrated all the functions in one app that may help you find your way in your daily life at the university!


Summary of your study program information

Eating out

University cafeterias, restaurants


University events


A collection of useful links


Current events and news of the university


Search the online catalogue


Contact information of faculty and staff

Library loans

Information about the status of your library loans


Venues of university parties

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